today i got the chance to talk to my best friend brennon.  He’s headed on a mission to Nicaragua. well he left for his mission two months ago but he went to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo utah on June 16th and now he is finally going off to the actual mission. He got to call me from the airport and it was hard to not talk to him longer. I really love that kid. He’s one of the few that really know me inside and out. I am so happy that he has made the decision to go on his mission and really sacrifice a lot (i mean two whole years!) He helped me feel better about my horrible week just by talking to me and letting me know i’m loved.
Today i basically hid out a home. It’s a really good thing i love my family. Everyone keeps texting me about melanie asking me how i feel and being all nosy, and i just like being at home.
I LOVE MY JOB. I basically get paid to play. it’s so fun. I coach gymnastics at Spokane Gymnastics and I just couldn’t ask for a better job today I got to work the adventure camp and the kids are just fantastic. I got to work most of the day there so it’s nice to distract myself as well. Then my parents are having me work in the yard. which i hate cause i don’t like weeding, but once again, another distraction. and what do ya know! one day down!

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