Dashboard Confessional.

Okay bloggers, i hope you won’t be too bummed to realize that officially know i’ve given up on the 30 day challenge. Too many rules for it and i would much rather just write in my blog about much more important things, like the fact that i went to a concert last night…dashboard confessional! okay so this guy’s voice is amazing but moreso his lyrics are incredible. I’ve loved this artist for so long i don’t even remember the first time i heard them. It was like a dream to have words that in that past have comforted me, gave me hope, or simply let me be mad, coming from the source of those poetic lyrics.

Such a great night! also, please check out the band “Lady Danville”. They opened for Dashboard and they are already on my ipod. Such a great band. The percussion is especially neat, it’s very unique! Also, they are very personable. (i may or may not have gotten one of their numbers….)

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