This is super weird, i’ved posted something to my blog THREE days in a row. I gotta say i like this little habit that is starting to form. and i’m hoping you like it too.
Today it rained, Provo finally cooled down.

The rain couldn’t have come at a better time for me. In my weird poetic mind, i feel like it was just waiting on me.
Because my eyes finally did some raining today. 
And though i had more of a woe-is-me-love-sucks reason to cry,

i realized it was more of a
kind of reasons to let my eyes rain.

Today we talked about receiving personal revelation in my Mission Prep Class.
 One thing that struck a chord with me was knowing that when God tells you you’re on the right track, it’s usually him bringing your heart in conjuction with your mind.
He did that for me today.
I love Him.

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