i love fridays. 
I get up and go to the temple in the mornings, and today it was not crowded at all! in and out in an hour! then i went to adaptive aquatics, which basically is the best service opportunity ever. Basically Adaptive Aquatics is this program where BYU volunteers swim with special needs kids to try and help them build their social skills. Every week i leave with a silly grin on my face and just in love with the kids. Today i played with a little girl named Emma! cool no? she was around 5 years old, and was STELLAR at jumping in the pool, and her doggy paddle skills were amazing. 
 Days like today make me so excited to be a mom someday 🙂
OH and i got and adorable text from Cordell saying “I MISS YOU SO MUCH LOVE CORDELL” he makes my heart melt. 
best neighbor ever.
(sorry kassie, i mean you can’t really expect to compete with him… he is the one and only CV bear…)
I made this today! basically i remembered my camera takes great video, so i decided to put it to use!

day in the life, j dawg style from Emma Vidmar on Vimeo.

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