and thus classes begin

Today was quite a bit slower than the past few days. It started out with my illustration class in the morning which consisted of wandering the national Portrait Gallery for inspiration for our self portrait. There is an exhibition there right now that i was enthralled by. Some of the pieces there were so photo-realistic, mad props to the painters with enough patience and talent to paint such a thing. After we were all wandered out, we went back to the bookstore with all those amazing design and photography books and i just felt so both inspired and inadequate. I decided to dedicate a portion of each day to admiring good design so that it becomes so familiar to me that creating it becomes a breeze. After the bookstore we caught the tube back to out flats and got some groceries for dinners and snacks. and this is the point of the story where i confess that we ate an entire baugette today which we intended to last us three. the rest of the day consisted of me reading my text book in bed then messing around with textures and type, some adventure planning on Jessy’s part, and watching some downton abbey while writing a postcard. 

a few other thoughts:
-perhaps it just the transition from provo to an actual big city, but the street fashion (particularly menswear) is incredibly fascinating and definitely something i wish i encountered more of. 
-I get more giddy walking through all the mens shoes than the womans. i would not mind a significant other to wear them. But alas i will be patient.
-I feel I have to post everyday otherwise i’m going to forget something.
-I keep having moments where i just have to pause and say to myself “remember this. remember this. absorb this moment”

I plan to do just that.

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