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today’s pictures were some of my favorites. perhaps because today was one of my favorites? It was spent mostly in the Centre Pompidou, which is a modern art museum. I could not even begin to explain my love for museums like this. Probably because i’m not even sure why they resonate with me so well. there was one installation using insulation (thats not a mistype for once) and it gave me such an emotional reaction. it was about solitude and the insulation blocked out the noise as you went in and it was just incredible. remember that minions, art can do incredible things. 

other notable parts of my day included street performers and artists, the bridge with love locks, rollerblading flash mobs, even more van gogh to make my heart flutter in the Musée d’Orsay, and finding Craig and Jordan at the end of the day so i didn’t have to do paris alone.

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