oh your fourth of july involved fireworks and american flags?

that’s weird. cause mine didn’t, unless you include the hand-drawn one on the pub next to our flats advertising a bumpin 4th ‘o July party, what mine did include was guaranteed to make it an independence day like no other.
first we went to the Hunterian Museum of Medical oddities, which was absolultely and completely fascinating. We saw the skeleton of a fetus and a 7’7″ foot man right by eachother, and many many many other jarred, well oddities.
Next we went to the Sir John Soan Museum which was actually his house. he’s a pretty renown architect and it was really interesting to see his house. he liked his trinkets, which weren’t so much trinkets as they were random cool architectural elements taken from old buildings and places.

then what i’ve been waiting for! after we did this little photo opt in front of the tower of london… we took a walking tour… of JACK THE RIPPER. oh yes that’s right. we walked to the places of the murders, the victims homes  (well since most were homeless that’s probably not a accurate word to use). the tour guide was really captivating and it was really interesting to hear about the state of poverty that was in London at the time
and finally we got some indian food.
happy birthday ‘merica

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