Lipz for Dayz

dress: anthropologie // leggings: Sears (i know right?) // shoes: gap (of course) // liptick: MAC (candy yum yum)

My style seems to change with every day, some days I opt for muted colors (especially now that I have forest green pants again!) but then there are days like this where i just can’t help but be bold. I love that about personal fashion. Every day is a fresh start if you’re gutsy enough you can pretty much do anything. I also love that sometimes fashion can be an artistic expression, whereas somedays you’re just plain lucky to be out of bed and in a pair of pants without a drawstring. I especially love having this spot to share my style with you all. I used to think I had to wear really crazy things, or really expensive things to be relevant to anyone in terms of fashion. I’m so happy i realized that personal fashion is as relevant as you make it.

Also i’ve learned that the bolder the lipstick, the bigger my lips look. Which is funny cause I already refer to them as my pillow lips (don’t ask why). ohhhh these ghetto lipz are fun to dress.

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