trying to enjoy life a little but better these days.  but mostly trying to at least maintain sanity. most of these are on my instagram, all were taken with my phone.

(1) i take myself on little dates, i think it’s essential to self love.  a few weeks ago myself and I went to nordstrom cafe, YUM. (2) I’m obsessed with the neckline on my new free people dress, so naturally i decided to become a model…(3) had a grand ole time hanging with Lauren from Awkward girls over the weekend. We’re mutually obsessed with each other so it cancels out all weird right? (4) I have had lady gaga’s gypsy stuck in my head for the past 48 hours and it was ever so apparently when i was doing some calligraphy… (5) designing late and early mornings has been the anthem of my last two weeks (6) classy christmas is just around the corner and i’m STOKED (7) i finally let myself get excited about christmas and the prospect of a real break from school (8) we made these heating pads for the girls in our congregation and I’m proud of how cute they turned out! (9) Steal Like an Artist is one of those great reads that gives you real good perspective on being an artist when you’re feeling like a fraud. (10) recently i got into the whole making stamps out of erasers business.. so i had a pretty good caturday.. (11) another stamp attempt. (12) a gentle reminder that hangs above my bed reminding me that spring does come.

if you wanna follow along my insta handle is: @smilemepretty.

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