whose this schloob wearing long sleeves in the summer?

Smile Me Moptop-6779Smile Me Moptop-6786Smile Me Moptop-6777Smile Me Moptop-6771Smile Me Moptop-6799Smile Me Moptop-6805

dress: uniqlo // necklace: stolen from my mom (she says she got it a downeast outfitters) // shoes: uo

CURRENTLY: Sitting at the coffee table pretending it’s a desk. Listening to some legitimately trippy music which consequently makes me feel like I’m on some sort of drug, while editing photos, and doing business-related stuff. It’s a moment of taking charge, acknowledging what I have control over and getting ish done.

It feels nice.
A tad bit stressful, but nice.

**It’s been only a few days since my dear friend Tonya from the Moptop and Kassie came to visit me, and I miss them dearly already, hence why Tonya and her matching big hair gets a special appearance in today’s post. <3 <3 <3

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