Kolohe James


As a child I was terrified of dogs. I was the kid who asked people to put their dog in another room while i was over. I was sure they were going to hurt me. I wasn’t around them enough to know if they were truly that scary and i wasn’t interested in finding out. My brothers, however, loved dogs, and when we moved to Washington from California my dad promised we could get a dog. That was 1996. Spoiler: We never got one. Now when my dad makes a promise, i like to tease him and ask if it a real promise, or a “dog-promise.” Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve over come my fear and all but one of us siblings owns a dog.

Which leads me to the purpose of this post; to introduce you to this ball of cute, and warn you of the bombardment of photos this blog will likely see of him. He’s exceedingly photogenic.

ANWAY. I’d like you to meet Kolohe James!His name is Hawaiian for Rascal, and we’re not entirely sure what kind mutt he is.  We adopted him through Puppies For Rent and are positively smitten with him. He’s about 4.5 months old right now and the actual cutest thing ever.  We’re pretty sure he’s got some aussie in him (those eyes tho) and lately we’ve been inclined to think he might have some pointer in him as well. I’m sure he’ll be making lots of appearances on this blog. So consider yourself warned.

Also, naturally he has his own instagram, and your welcome to follow along! @kolohejames

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