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Central Park November

SO eventually I’m going to share my wedding photos (because India is a goddess). I promise. Before I do I wanted to document on my blog  another important part of Blaine’s and my relationship, like when he got down on one knee and popped the question. It was hella cute. I wrote about it in a book I gave to him for our one year, So I thought I’d just provide you the entry I wrote after it happened. So lets travel on back too November 7, 2015:

There was 90% of me that was sure Blaine wasn’t gonna propose this weekend. He hadn’t seemed especially rushed to get the ring made, and we didn’t really talk about the actual ring that much. I just assumed he would propose over Thanksgiving Break. The 10% of me thought he might just propose in those rowboats at Central Park, so there was a tiny bit of me looking for signs of him getting nervous. But I saw none and decided to just let it go and enjoy the hour on those boats.

Blaine had also expressed interest in going up to Long Island for the day and hanging out by the beach, by when we decided it would be too much train travel for the short time he was here, the very final suspicion that he might propose was gone. Surely he would protest more if he had planned to propose!

Saturday we started off the day with a hearty breakfast at City Bakery. And then wandered around the flatiron district for a while, popping into shops that grabbed our interest, etc. we then went to Niketown on 5th avenue, which is right next door to Tiffany’s. So obviously… Had to. I insisted we went in and browsed (totally assuming Blaine hadn’t even started making the ring yet). I declared a giant diamond as pretty, but too much for my taste. I talked about the dream ring we had both agreed upon. I knew it was gonna be beautiful.

By the time we were done at Niketown we decided to go relax in the park. We had been walking a lot, exhausted, and unsure what to do before dinner. We got to the edge of the park and tried to think of what to do next, I suggested we go back to my place and take a nap, so then Blaine suggested we find a less crowded part of the park and take a nap. His plan involved immediate napification so we went with his idea. We figured the ramble would be perfect. We had walked by it on our way to find the boats the day before and it seemed pretty forested. Once we got to the ramble, we just started meandering. Blaine pointed to a large rocky surface and said, “Do you think we’re allowed to go up there?” To which I replied, “Well it’d be stupid not to try!”

Atop that rocky surface we found a few trees and a fallen log which we decided to sit on for a bit. For the most part we weren’t bothered by anyone else. I snuggled up to him and told him how much I loved him, how happy I am to have him there with me and how excited I am to be his wife someday. It was all very sappy. Blaine stood up, and told me that sitting on the log was making his leg cramp. As we stood up I noticed how beautiful the leaves on the ground were and I exclaimed, “Hold on! Come here! I wanna get a picture of our feet with the leaves!” Blaine happily obliged. When looking at my phone he said, “Oh my backpack is in the frame, let me move it out” and moved it behind his back. As I ignorantly took the picture, Blaine grabbed the ring out of the backpack.

I finished the picture and turned to start making our way down the rocks when Blaine said, “Hold on I have something for you,” and then knelt down on one knee and continued, “Will you marry me? Will you be mine forever?” To which I immediately said, “Yes!!”

I didn’t know if he was supposed to put the ring on my finger or I was supposed to put it on myself so I just stared at it for a second and finally couldn’t bear to see it anywhere but my finger and put it on. It is absolutely beautiful.

I often just stare at it, partly because it’s huge and it feel so wonderfully unfamiliar to have that weight on my finger, and partly because it doesn’t feel real. It feels so inexplicably  surreal that I’m marry Blaine Pannell. I’m MARRYING Blaine Pannell. Somehow I managed to please the heavens, because they have supplied me with ample blessings in the form of his existence.

(For those wondering, Blaine had my ring custom made through Wilson’s Jewelry in Provo Utah, they are so great to work with, and I even had his custom made there cause they give you a discount if you buy both rings there.)

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