Another day.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

I’m forcing myself to write again because I have felt the cathartic nature if it in the past, and Lord knows I need it now. I know there are many who can articulate their feelings better than me but my feelings are my own, and so my articulation of them must also be my own.

I still ache. I am still mourning. I’m sure I’m not ready to discuss at length the depth of what I feel in my soul today. If we’re being honest, it’s because I’m fairly certain my feelings, thoughts and experiences will be dismissed or negated. I need time to gather strength. I tried to disengage myself with a hateful discussion today and I was called a bigot. I feel like I’m tip toeing a strange line between feeling incredibly fragile and incomprehensibly tenacious.

I know there are those were hoping my thirst for justice would simmer after election day, but hell I’m just getting started.

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  1. Things I have been doing since the election:

    1. Re-watch Evelyn’s video about how things were bad before, so we gotta focus on the individuals. The marginalized individuals are priority:
    2. Re-watch Craig’s video about the election, because it only touches the surface but it makes you re-examine the way you’re thinking about those who did vote the way they did, kinda:
    3. Remember that Obama has our back: and continues to be someone who wants to set an example, not add to the noise:

    I have no idea what side you’ve been on. Part of your entry seems like you were called a bigot because of a siding with the GOP. The second half seems like the fire under your belly is due to how much you cared for the DNC’s side. Or third party. Or maybe you were one of the ~11,000 who wrote in Harambe. I’m not sure.

    But this list has been helping me. I hope in some ways it helps you.

    Also, if none of this helps you at all, I am definitely sorry. :\

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