Roma, Again!


So we had one more day in Rome and boy did it deliver! we pretty much spent the whole day in Vatican city, because history. It was pretty wonderful. I will never not be stunned at the overwhelming feeling looking at the sistine chapel. So much of the things I’ve learned in all of my art history classes, just right in front of my eyes. Real. It’s incredible. Truly.

And there’s St. Peters Basilica. Holy. Sh*t. Emphasis on the holy, I guess? was that blasphemous? Ugh. Sorry. I just can’t. So many feels. The power of architecture is real, my friends. Just so powerful. It’s one of the most overwhelming spaces I’ve ever found myself (and i’ve been in my fair share of cathedrals.) We climbed up to the top of the Basilica during golden hour, it was absolutely breathtaking. Then we went inside. I mean. wow. just WOOOOOOOWWWW.

Bummed, because we’ve left Rome. But already looking for ways to come back. Europe man. I can’t get enough of it.

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