photo by India Earl


This is the part of the website where I convince you that what I have to say is worth anything. Don’t get your hopes up.
I’m just another twenty-something newlywed with a lifestyle blog.

The guy’s name is Blaine, I sometimes call him Husblaine because I’m obnoxious like that. He’s an introvert. I’m….not. We’re both graphic designers with a passion for architecture and interiors. We’re puppy-parents to a cutie mutt named Kolohe, Hawaiian for Rascal, who truly lives up to his name. I’m from Washington state, and have an irrational fear of pickles. I’ve had this blog since my freshman year in college and it has evolved into so many different things and thats sorta what i love about it, because I’ve evolved into so many different things. There’s some fashion, some writing, many typos (sorry!) and always a lot of photos.
Thanks for stalking, stay classy.