Our lovefest party time.


Our reception was such a deliriously happy party. We were so thrilled to see so many people and our main goals for the night was to make sure every person got fed and having fun. We also included ourselves in that group. I am so thankful for this day. In order to get the maximum happiness, we did our reception in the evening the day after our ceremony. It was perfectly perfect in every way. We held our reception at the Springville Art Museum sculpture garden, and it was such a hidden gem. I’ve been shooting wedding for years, and I had never shot one in here. It was like it was straight out of Tuscany! Like I mentioned in my previous post, we had such a blast creating all the little details for this party, and were so thankful for all the vendors that contributed to this perfect night. […]

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That day we got married.


It’s like they say, wedding photos taste better with time. So I’ve aged these fine photos for over a year, because I know that you have, dear reader, have a remarkably refined pallet. Let me begin by saying that our wedding was an absolutely dream to plan. It was stressful, sure, but we were in the unique position where both of us had lots of opinions and good taste. I like to say that Blaine and I co-art directed our wedding. We had a joint pinterest board, and we designed and made our signage, invitations, photo-booth, and even temporary tattoos. I am still smitten with our weddings colors, a pale blush and cobalt blue. beyond the fun of designing and planning of a wedding, being Blaine’s bride was the high point of this whole endeavor. I don’t know that I have ever smiled that openly, ever loved this easily, or […]

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Here’s to Love.

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At least once in your life, I hope you fall in love. Deeply, and unapologetically so. I hope you have someone who will carry you up the stairs in the aftermath of a treacherous 20 mile hike. Someone who cooks a mean omelette and knows just how you like your bacon. A partner who will car dance with you and serenade you with pop songs with your name inserted in. One who will frolic through national parks and celestial beaches with you. I pray that you will have someone to hold you in the safety of their embrace as you weep when life overwhelms you. Someone who refuses to get in the way of your big dreams and ambitions, who pushes you to achieve and to create. I hope you find someone who you love to listen to, whose mind you want to watch, absorb, and digest in all it’s […]

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