Ahhhh, Berlin. the land of impossibly cool architecture and tragic history. It was so fun to be in Germany. My mother served a 18mo church mission in Munich almost 40 years ago, so it was really cool to see how she could still speak a little bit of Deutsch! I also took two years of German in high school, so obviously i’m basically fluent. Hallo. Ich bin Emma. okay thats about all i got. In addition to having a ton of incredible architecture, Berlin is home to a lot of graffiti. It’s rich in culture and home to a fairly young generation. If you ask my mother, Berlin feels like a whole different country than her pretty, clean, orderly Munich. On our first day, we went to a poster store as per Sarah Kay’s recommendation. It was so awesome to see a lot of really cool books and letter-pressed and […]

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chairs and noms but mostly chairs

 to little time spent in Switzerland for my liking. Our hostel this time was one of the best i’ve stayed in. (i’ve stayed in 9 different hostels this summer so i like to think i can make a fair judgement on whats good). It was a good reminder of why people like ikea so much, SWISS DESIGN MY FRIENDS. we ate some nom noms once we got settled into the hostel, and were not happy with the amount of inflation that is going down involving that swiss franc. We got lucky with the place we found and it was finally a meal where i felt good after eating. But that dang salad was like 12 dollars! Once we woke up, we had a great breakfast  (nothing better than a clean hostel with yummy breakfast) and were off to return to germany (aka 20 min away)  to the Vitra Design Museum. […]

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one day in germany, and it was wonderful! We played on some of the best playgrounds, and the weather was lovely. we spent lots of time taking pictures, and practicing our poses as if we’re americas next top model. We’ve just about perfected it. I’m still learning my angles. baha.  we were mischievous and hyper after finally getting off the blasted bus and really had such a wonderful evening This morning we went to the Gutenberg Museum and had a day full of talking about printmaking. The print shop next door was making paper and they let us help out! also, i got some fresh blueberries from a street vendor, it was perfect. we hopped on the bus and now we’ve arrived in switzerland!

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