tubbs hill, first snow, and new friends


During the christmas season there was a lot of relaxation. a lot. Too much. It got to a point where I was finally in need of a break from my spot on the couch. I think I’ve left a permanent butt imprint. I needed to be creative. I realized a few months ago how much I had been taking my home town for granted, and I wanted to document some of my post familiar places with some creative people. Cue Mckenzie, Cory, and Justin. Mckenzie and I have been friends since our wee little days in club gymnastics, and competed in high school together. She’s adorable, as you can tell. Cory and I met through mutual friends slash instagram. If you’re not already following him there, you’ve probably been living under a rock. It’s okay, we forgive ya. ALSO i’m stupidedly realizing that I didn’t even get a picture of […]

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the northwest thing, idaho style.

five notable things involved in this post: (1) That blazer. i’m a little mad i didn’t get it, i mean i could bring back shoulder pads right? yeah, i totally could. 80s ain’t got nothing on this.(2) THE CAT. the cat painting. i included two pictures so you could see the scale of it. both brooke and i were hoping we had $100 extra bucks laying around cause it would be a great addition to our house next year.(3) Rogers shakes. Huckleberry Lemonade. Nuff said.(4) Coeur d’ Alene Lake is always a good time. nothing like a good clean lake on a super hot day. also we saw a guy who literally had an 8 pack, and i’m still trying to figure out how that even works, did he have two extra abs transplanted onto his stomach? was it really a fortunate mutaion? i’m just gonna keep being proud of that […]

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This Girl is on Fire

Fire. guys. fire! it’s seriously heaven in the form of pizza. This artisan pizza place knows how to make your taste buds sing and dance and fall in love. Brooke and i shared the Gordy, it’s seriously incredible. We were the obnoxious people taking pictures of a food and everything we did yesterday, but boy am i glad we did, because look at it, LOOK AT IT. SO DELICIOUS I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. Adventuring in Coeur d’ Alene with two of my favorite people was so grand. i loved every second of it. I’m glad we took so many pictures, because then i get to keep showing them to you forever and ever. awesome. cool. thanks. i’m gonna sleep now. k bye.

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