Emma’s Life Update. (ft. Martha Stewart)

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I’m currently sitting in my building’s laundromat, thankful for a moment with my thoughts to be still and to write some things down. my life has been moving at such a rapid pace, and therefore hard to keep track of and difficult to find the time to share. But I want to share, I want to be able to look back at this time of my life! Somehow I keep getting in my own way. I keep making rules for myself about my blog. Like “you can’t share about New York until you’re done updating about Europe! It needs to be chronological! At that rate, I’d never catch up. So instead i’m just gonna keep moving forward, and get o the rest of the Europe posts when i can. So, update time. I am in love with a boy named Blaine. Still. We’ve been dating 8 months as of Friday. […]

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A Quick Update (don’t worry mom I’m safe)

I really think that I might be in love with this city. New York, will you marry me?! I had my first day yesterday and it all just felt so wonderful. The team I’m working on, is so perfectly suited for me that I can’t help believe in divine intervention and a higher purpose for me being here. I’m not going to talk much about my actual internship because ya know, confidentiality and all that good stuff. but fyi I  won the raffle yesterday and got a bunch of free martha products, so yeah. that was awesome.All you need to know that I’m loving being here, and I’m excited to discover what the rest of this summer has in store for me. p.s. I haven’t taken my DSLR out just yet, seeing as it’s way heavy and I haven’t wanted to carry anything I don’t have to, but I’m sure I […]

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can I just say how much I love my life?

^^^ my very favorite photo from the last month, Polaroid taken by Brooke in Catalina ^^^ The past couple weeks have been every kind of fun. I’ve been on awesome dates, had perfectly perfect nights laughing with my roommates, and I’ve traveled to Sacramento, Vegas, LA, and Mexico. I can’t help but feel so overwhelmingly blessed with the opportunities that I’ve been able to have. I have a little over a week before I start my next big adventure. It finally hit me today how real this all is. Humor me for a little bit while I explain why seeing whats on the horizon makes me so inexplicably happy. Three years ago, after changing my major four times my freshman year. I finally decided to pursue graphic design. In the visual arts program here at BYU, you must first apply to be a part of the BA program (Bachelor of […]

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