Kolohe James


As a child I was terrified of dogs. I was the kid who asked people to put their dog in another room while i was over. I was sure they were going to hurt me. I wasn’t around them enough to know if they were truly that scary and i wasn’t interested in finding out.¬†My brothers, however, loved dogs, and when we moved to Washington from California my dad promised we could get a dog. That was 1996. Spoiler: We never got one. Now when my dad makes a promise, i like to tease him and ask if it a real promise, or a “dog-promise.” Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve over come my fear and all but one of us siblings owns a dog. Which leads me to the purpose of this post; to¬†introduce you to this ball of cute, and warn you of the bombardment of photos this […]

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