Roma, Again!


So we had one more day in Rome and boy did it deliver! we pretty much spent the whole day in Vatican city, because history. It was pretty wonderful. I will never not be stunned at the overwhelming feeling looking at the sistine chapel. So much of the things I’ve learned in all of my art history classes, just right in front of my eyes. Real. It’s incredible. Truly. And there’s St. Peters Basilica. Holy. Sh*t. Emphasis on the holy, I guess? was that blasphemous? Ugh. Sorry. I just can’t. So many feels. The power of architecture is real, my friends. Just so powerful. It’s one of the most overwhelming spaces I’ve ever found myself (and i’ve been in my fair share of cathedrals.) We climbed up to the top of the Basilica during golden hour, it was absolutely breathtaking. Then we went inside. I mean. wow. just WOOOOOOOWWWW. Bummed, […]

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Hey there! Blaine and i are in Rome for a few days to celebrate his work designing for the Roma Jazz Festival! It’s his first time in Europe so we’re having a lot of fun wandering around. I had a good two days of traveling to get here thanks to long layovers and my body is still adjusting to the time difference. that didn’t stop us from walking 14 miles today! I could say a lot more about this incredible city but i’m in desperate need of sleep, so I will let the photos do the talking.

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Another day.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor I’m forcing myself to write again because I have felt the cathartic nature if it in the past, and Lord knows I need it now. I know there are many who can articulate their feelings better than me but my feelings are my own, and so my articulation of them must also be my own. I still ache. I am still mourning. I’m sure I’m not ready to discuss at length the depth of what I feel in my soul today. If we’re being honest, it’s because I’m fairly certain my feelings, thoughts and experiences will be dismissed or negated. I need time to gather strength. I tried to disengage myself with a hateful discussion today and I was called a bigot. I feel like I’m tip toeing a strange line between feeling incredibly […]

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My thoughts, like my heart, are a mess right now. I have been battling with a lot of hard realities in my life lately. I have been fumbling around in the dark trying to understand what it is i believe in. I am tired. I am tired down to my bones. I am tired of this feeling of being a second-class citizen repeatedly reinforced. I am tired of watching evil triumph when I am told to have faith in the good. I am tired of the patriarchy grabbing me by the pussy and telling me to sit down and shut up. Does it get better? Does it get easier? Do we ever find solace? When my candidate lost in 2012, I did not feel broken. I accepted defeat and trusted that the winner was a good man and would run things in a good direction. I even grow to admire […]

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Blemma Engagement Photos


Last December, we got our engagements done by Miesh Photography and I look at them so often. I am so thrilled to have these, taken on film. Miesh is the greatest human and effortlessly cool. I’m excited to show you more of the session! and get one step closer to showing you our wedding stuff!! Stalk on, my friends. Stalk on. A year ago today, we got engaged. I have never regretted it and i never will. You are my everything, Husblaine.

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Soho Sass

There is a certain distrust in the unknown, as if we do not trust our own ability to adapt. ¬†For some, it is something that brings excitement. For those of us in which this unkown bewitches, we are always willing to persuade others to dive in. Jumping and in hand, the drop is exhilarating and the potential for greatness is infinite. Sure there’s a possibility it may end in misery but the what if it ends in inexplicable joy? I have learned to not fear the unknown, rather understand that the inability to see ahead means you can’t expect more out of what it than it is. It can present itself as itself. It forces you to be completely present. Let it exist, you must coexist. Let it pass through you without presumption

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VDAY 2k15


Let me begin by setting the record straight. I am not engaged. Something about Provo culture makes it easy to assume that one month of dating, and a few (adorable) pictures on facebook can equate to a proposal. Lets not be absurd. However I do have the scoop on my valentines day if you happen to be interested. Valentines day has always been a fun holiday for me, despite the fact that the last time I had a valentine, I was 15. I have always had wonderful girlfriends, and friend-friends who will go out of their way to make me feel loved. And I’m pretty grateful for that. Though it’d be a lie to say I wasn’t pretty jazzed about having a real Valentine this year. We began the adventures with some jams to get us in the romantic mood. which actually turned out to be us singing along to […]

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