i’m not dead yet.

Hey there all you people! So I almost decided to start from scratch and create a whole new blog, but I decided to stick with what I had and just change the title. So this is a new post! Oh I bet you’re so excited, you have nothing else to do but read about Emma Vidmars life? k cool, I was hoping you’d say that. Come on in, let me tell you what’s up. First things first, I’m still alive and creepin, no worries there. Lets cover all the basics. Boys, Work, Church, Friends, and Future. Sounds like a good idea? I knew you’d agree. So here we go! Boys. Oh boy…the boy situation. Bet you would be surprised if I said it was non-existent? K good. Same old story. Always in the friend zone. The past few months have been pretty fun, I’ve had a few little fetus crushes […]

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