Milano via #vidtalianjob.


I need you all to promise me something right here and right now. If you ever go to Milan, you must make a blood oath to visit the Prada Foundation. Okay fine, you don’t have to take a blood oath, but lets shake on it okay?? I first discovered this hidden gem from this NY Times article, and just my luck i was able to visit within a few weeks of it opening. It’s so so so very worth it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  Unless you hate beautiful spaces and art, in which case… why are you even reading my blog? We obviously don’t vibe. ANYWAY for those of you with an affinity for the beautiful, prepare to take a trip to drooltown. Everything about this space was SO well thought out. There wasn’t a single thing that felt jarring or displaced. Like, every inch of this […]

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Ahhhh, Berlin. the land of impossibly cool architecture and tragic history. It was so fun to be in Germany. My mother served a 18mo church mission in Munich almost 40 years ago, so it was really cool to see how she could still speak a little bit of Deutsch! I also took two years of German in high school, so obviously i’m basically fluent. Hallo. Ich bin Emma. okay thats about all i got. In addition to having a ton of incredible architecture, Berlin is home to a lot of graffiti. It’s rich in culture and home to a fairly young generation. If you ask my mother, Berlin feels like a whole different country than her pretty, clean, orderly Munich. On our first day, we went to a poster store as per Sarah Kay’s recommendation. It was so awesome to see a lot of really cool books and letter-pressed and […]

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Vidmar Stockholm Syndrome.


~*~*~*~*PHOTO DUMP AHEAD~*~*~*~ When I was in high school, I told my mother that someday I wanted to go to Italy and Greece, and would she go with me. She, being every so supportive of my adventurous spirit said something along the lines of “yeah, that would be fun! maybe when you graduate college” which i’m sure she hoped i would be satisfied with and promptly forget. i didn’t. Even when I went on my study abroad three years ago,  I remember specifically telling her that it DID NOT count, because we didn’t go to italy. So when I actually did finally graduate college, it was like, “okay Mom. Now or never.” we chose now. So I invited pretty much everyone in my family, and the only one able to go was my brother Paul,  who joined us for the first week. His ADHD and my general obnoxiousness always gets […]

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VDAY 2k15


Let me begin by setting the record straight. I am not engaged. Something about Provo culture makes it easy to assume that one month of dating, and a few (adorable) pictures on facebook can equate to a proposal. Lets not be absurd. However I do have the scoop on my valentines day if you happen to be interested. Valentines day has always been a fun holiday for me, despite the fact that the last time I had a valentine, I was 15. I have always had wonderful girlfriends, and friend-friends who will go out of their way to make me feel loved. And I’m pretty grateful for that. Though it’d be a lie to say I wasn’t pretty jazzed about having a real Valentine this year. We began the adventures with some jams to get us in the romantic mood. which actually turned out to be us singing along to […]

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sometimes, your bravest friends also love GIF’s


This is Sarah Kay, and last saturday, we enthusiastically shaved her head. see? and she is a dear friend of mine, and she’s currently fighting Hodkins lymphoma, she just went through her second round of chemo so the hair was starting to fall out. What better time then now to shave it all off, amiright? Sarah Kay was so excited to shave it off, so her husband Derek whipped out their trimmers and we had a good amount of fun with it. I’m a big fan of this human. she has been such a good friend of mine for the past several years. She has been such an example of optimism and gratitude during such a complicated year. If you’d like to read about her courage and strength, i suggest you take a look at her blog.  

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A Very Vidmar Christmas


This Christmas it was just me and the rents. All my siblings were at their in-laws and so that left lil ‘ole unmarried Emma to enjoy christmas as an only child. No worries though. Tom, Margaret and I had a pretty good time. Christmas morning took about ten minutes and when we realized the movie we had planned to see had sold out, we decided to go eagle watching instead. Because, you know. Nature and america and stuff. They were being such goobers, but thats kind of the point. It’s why I love ’em.

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tubbs hill, first snow, and new friends


During the christmas season there was a lot of relaxation. a lot. Too much. It got to a point where I was finally in need of a break from my spot on the couch. I think I’ve left a permanent butt imprint. I needed to be creative. I realized a few months ago how much I had been taking my home town for granted, and I wanted to document some of my post familiar places with some creative people. Cue Mckenzie, Cory, and Justin. Mckenzie and I have been friends since our wee little days in club gymnastics, and competed in high school together. She’s adorable, as you can tell. Cory and I met through mutual friends slash instagram. If you’re not already following him there, you’ve probably been living under a rock. It’s okay, we forgive ya. ALSO i’m stupidedly realizing that I didn’t even get a picture of […]

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