A Very Vidmar Christmas


This Christmas it was just me and the rents. All my siblings were at their in-laws and so that left lil ‘ole unmarried Emma to enjoy christmas as an only child. No worries though. Tom, Margaret and I had a pretty good time. Christmas morning took about ten minutes and when we realized the movie we had planned to see had sold out, we decided to go eagle watching instead. Because, you know. Nature and america and stuff. They were being such goobers, but thats kind of the point. It’s why I love ’em.

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tubbs hill, first snow, and new friends


During the christmas season there was a lot of relaxation. a lot. Too much. It got to a point where I was finally in need of a break from my spot on the couch. I think I’ve left a permanent butt imprint. I needed to be creative. I realized a few months ago how much I had been taking my home town for granted, and I wanted to document some of my post familiar places with some creative people. Cue Mckenzie, Cory, and Justin. Mckenzie and I have been friends since our wee little days in club gymnastics, and competed in high school together. She’s adorable, as you can tell. Cory and I met through mutual friends slash instagram. If you’re not already following him there, you’ve probably been living under a rock. It’s okay, we forgive ya. ALSO i’m stupidedly realizing that I didn’t even get a picture of […]

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Bay is Bae.

Even though I’m sitting in a hallway waiting for my next class to start, I’m trying to remind myself that just yesterday I was in Northern California, enjoying some snow-less beauty. It was just a few days ago that I got to meet a few SF fellow photogs and do a little photo-walk/general exploratory wanderings through this unfamiliar city. It was on fleek (thats another cool/hip/rad/neat new word by the way. I learned over break. if you didn’t know bout it, remember I’m just here to help you be cool. you know, pop culture and junk). ANYWAYS. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to travel over break. I didn’t really feel rejuvenated from break until I got to California. It was wonderful to go home, but you can only feel so inspired after watching so many hours of netflix, you know. #LifeOfTheUnmarriedVidmar So here are some photo documentation of […]

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twin peakzzz


Hi. i’m in san francisco and it’s really pretty and that makes me happy. Kirsten and Ryan took me to Twin Peaks to see SF from a better view. Fun fact: you will get laughed at if you call it San Fran. don’t be that guy. Listen. I don’t make the rules kids, I just tell them to you so people don’t mock you. I’m only looking out for y’all. 

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a new hat, and a new life resolution.


hat: nordstrom // necklace: h&m // sweater: loft (lou & grey line) // pants: gap // shoes: vince camuto There is a lot to me that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream is just plain ol’ better than any other flavor. I don’t understand why some people are harder to forgive, why I make poor choices, why I crave string cheese whenever I eat a hershey’s chocolate bar, or why I consistently stay up til 2 in the morning. If there is so much about me that I simply don’t get, I imagine there is a lot about you that I am completely oblivious to. I’ve lamented to a couple friends in recent days about the unwillingness of so many of us to stop and take the time to get to know each other. Do you ever stop and think about how much you really […]

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Bad Blood, and Resilient Love


  If we’re being honest, my life is once again most easily described by a taylor swift song. I suppose thats just a side affect of being human, amiright?? *thanks taylor swift for creating 1989, and also for writing the song Bad Blood* It’s been a rough semester for me, not even academically, schools been great actually. but in basically every other facet of my life. a bubbling mess of a laughable love life, betrayal and lost friendships. It’s been one for the books, and I’m so very ready to put the book down, and start a better one. Honestly most the time I feel like I’m just going through the motions, being polite because I don’t know how to be malicious, and hoping I’ll be in a different country next semester. (side note, I just applied for an internship across the world. So.) Thanksgiving came a just the right […]

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My sketchbook.

My sketchbook goes just about everywhere with me. It’s where I take notes on a clients project, work through design problems, sketch thumbnails, doodle when I should be paying attention, and take notes in church. My sketchbook is a pretty good visual representation of me. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s fine with it. I got this sketchbook for christmas last year, and I just now finished it. For how often I use it, I realize I’m a little slow. That being said, this has been my favorite sketchbook to date. I’ve stopped trying to put limits on what I can put into it. I don’t try and impress anyone with this sketchbook because it’s purely for myself. Sketchbooks are not supposed to be perfect! So I made sure to let that be a constant reminder and I decided to just let whatever happens, happen. It turned […]

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Make all your friends online.

sweater: zara // scarf: urban outfitters // pants: hudsons // shoes: vans Today, reflecting on the last week, I am feeling grateful. I am lucky to have made so many wonderful irl friends through the interwebz. In the past year  Lauren has become one of my best friends, and her friendship has gotten me through some really rough times. Last weekend meeting Bri for the first time was a treat. It felt like we had all been friends for years. No awkward small talk, we just dove right into heartaches and feminism. (though it probably helped that we’ve all stalked each others lives for quite some time).  I’m thankful for people who are willing to be genuine. It also helps that they are pretty funny. These girls are my favorites.  This also happens to be the one picture we got of the whole weekend together. #bloggerfails Best line of last weekend goes to lolonienie, “Next […]

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