why hello there!

Hey there,  I’m Emma and you’re stalking me. I like it, continue.  I’m in my mid-twenties, practically a child. I was born on leap day which is pretty cool because I’ve only had 5 birthdays. I have an irrational fear of pickles, which stems from childhood trauma that I’ve over dramatized. I’m from Washington state, and love it dearly. I’m the baby child of my family, the only girl, and the only one left unmarried. So yes, I got no husbands,  and no babies. Unless you were here to stalk cute babies, that probably doesn’t matter to ya (though if you were here to stalk cute babies, lemme know and I can steal some babies to suit your fancy.)  I’m terrible with grammar, and I hope you can forgive me for the inevitable frustration that will cause you when reading my blog. It happens, and I’m too spacey to notice 76% […]

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